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Our Story...

At Fables Cradle, we envision a cinematic journey where untold narratives flourish, films that illuminate the overlooked, challenge conventions, and celebrate humanity. Through the power of films, our mission is to amplify voices that deserve to be heard, provoke thought, evoke emotion and inspire change.

Humans behind the cradle..


Amit & Arka

Amit, the co-founder of Fables Cradle, is an army veteran with a profound passion for visual arts and singing. With his unique perspective and disciplined background, Amit brings a creative and structured approach to the company.
Arka, a talented filmmaker, has directed several short films and is deeply passionate about filmmaking and storytelling. As a co-founder of Fables Cradle, Arka is committed to bringing untold stories to life, ensuring they receive the recognition they deserve.

Together, Amit and Arka founded Fables Cradle with a shared vision to showcase narratives that might otherwise be overlooked. Their combined experiences and fervor for storytelling are the heart of this initiative, striving to present valuable stories that do not always get the spotlight they deserve.

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