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The Full Story

Maithili, once a promising journalist, finds herself disgraced and ostracized after caving to the relentless pressures of sensational journalism. Banished from her newspaper and shunned by her community, her fortunes shift dramatically when Adhiraj, a charismatic politician, offers her the helm of his newspaper with complete editorial freedom.Tasked with investigating the existence of a legendary Hindu temple, Maithili uncovers a groundbreaking revelation that ignites a powder keg of tension between Hindu and Muslim communities. Her rise to fame draws the interest of a provocative author, but before their paths can cross, he is tragically murdered amidst the escalating communal strife.Parallelly, Dilip, a diligent worker, grapples with life's hardships, including a tantalizing yet financially out-of-reach opportunity to buy an apartment that could transform his life. As the narrative progresses, Dilip's perspectives shift, influenced by his personal frustrations, the evolving storyline, and the turbulent socio-political climate.

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Director's Statement

KALPONIK/Myth and Pieces delves deep into the heart of India’s social and political turmoil through the eyes of fearless journalist Maithili, challenging the status quo and provoking thoughtful dialogue. The narrative embodies this spirit by weaving a tale of integrity, conspiracy, and the quest for truth in an increasingly divided society.

Filmmaker's Word

This film is born out of personal sacrifice and a deep commitment to storytelling that highlights critical issues such as media integrity and political manipulation. Funded from my own pocket, KALPONIK/"Myth and Pieces" stands as a testament to the power of independent cinema to challenge and inform audiences without succumbing to external pressures.

~Arka Mukherjee

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